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In-home Service

Sharon Wong is an Interior Designer who will show you how to use your existing furniture and accessories to help you get the HIGHEST PRICE AND QUICKEST SALE for your home.

During the first part of your in-home service, Sharon will share with you information about buyer and seller motivation, what to do when buyers come, and what happens when buyers see negatives in your house. If you have pets, Sharon will share hints to help your pet through the selling process and ideas to eliminate negative reactions from buyers because of your pets.

You will receive a seller booklet which includes vital information for all home sellers including a "Quick Check Off List" to use just before buyers come in and information on using a "Stop Center".

After this initial information is shared, you will begin your custom home review. This part of the service covers both the interior and exterior of your home. The interior evaluation involves going through each room including the basement and garage. Sharon will make suggestions specific to your furniture, accessories, general care and maintenance of your home.

For example, she may suggest: rearranging the furniture, packing up some accessories, placement of wall art in specific locations, etc. If your home is in need of updating, she will suggest what items to replace and what is most cost effective to do. Depending on your budget, guidance will be given on where to spend money. Whether you have $15,000 or $100 to put into the house to sell, Sharon will customize your plan to fit your budget. Most home sellers are able to purchase some accessories like towels, candles, or other inexpensive items to bring a new fresh look into the house. Remember these items can be used in your next house too. Every house can be improved for selling but it doesn’t have to be a costly event.

This in-home service takes approximately 75 minutes. The in-home service fee is $199 within the normal service area. The normal service area is North of I-70, South of Cheshire Road, and the Franklin County boundaries on the West and East of Columbus. Areas outside of the normal service area are quoted based on travel time.

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